(UPDATE) Century Ride, a benefit for fallen officers and firefighters

Long Beach POA Park
7390 Carson Blvd, Long Beach Ca, 90808
    This is the ending spot for the fundraiser happening this Sunday which cradle is a part of.   As you know it’s a memorial motorcycle ride, the riders will be arriving at the park around 1230.  There will be food trucks, beer, live music, and raffle tickets available.  Jenny said Rickey may be at the park for a little while depending on how he is feeling.  Thank You!
The above pdf is a poster which I have distributed to most of the stations.  Long story short I have a “nephew” that is a deputy for century station (LASD).  Every year they do a memorial ride/fundraiser for fallen and injured/sick law enforcement officers.  In recent years they also added firefighters.  My nephew, Nico Marinelli, thought of Rickey this year.  I spoke to Jenny she agreed to be a recipient this year.  Jenny said Rickey will be at the kick off of the event, at the Harley shop.  She also said they would be at the park(where the ride ends), as long as Rickey is feeling up to it.  The location is in Long Beach:
     There are four recipients including Rickey.  If you don’t ride or can’t make it, people can go to link and donate.  If people want to go to food trucks, live music and beer trucks in the park afterwards, I can provide location, as of now he didn’t want to share due to safety concerns.  He is also going to give me some raffle tickets to share, which you don’t have to be present to win.  The prizes are as follows and in order; a dirt bike, a AR 15 rifle, a Glock 19 handgun, and a 70 inch tv.   If anyone has any questions or wants a raffle ticket or tee shirt, I have them at station 3 in a box in the kitchen.  Guys here are aware and can help them out.  Thank you.
FF Echeverria