2024 Executive Board Election Process

Following is the process for the upcoming 2024 Executive Board Elections.

Members interested in running for a position shall use “Contact the E-Board” tab found on the Union website homepage. In the comments section declare the position desired. Prior to the next General Membership meeting, August/September, an Executive Board Member will contact interested parties to ensure commitment. At the General Membership meeting your name and desired position will be announced. Post announcement, a member must officially nominate the individual for the position desired. Additionally another member must Second the nomination. Once a candidate has been nominated and seconded they are now officially entered into consideration for the position. If there is only one candidate for a given office, such candidate shall be declared elected by acclamation. If the number of candidates exceeds the number of positions, then a runoff election will occur. Elections shall be held using the current online, web based, voting system. Write in voting shall not be permitted. Should a runoff occur, the candidate receiving a majority of the ballots case shall be declared elected.

Election/Re-Election for consideration:

President – 2 year term
Vice President – 2 year term
Secretary – 2 year term
Treasurer – 2 year term

3 of 5 trustee positions – 4 year term